Gluten Free? Short Answer: Yes.

Long answer: with a caveat.

The second most frequent question I’ve been getting since posting the menu is “are there going to be gluten-free options?”. The short answer is yes. From my count, we have at least 15 items on the menu (over half of it) that are either gluten-free or can easily be modified to be gluten-free. We are working on developing GF brunch items and GF baked goods/desserts (which we will post soon). Similarly, our seasonal menus are going to be based much more around seasonal and local vegetables, which I feel are more likely to be naturally gluten-free.

But here are the caveats:

  1. Our kitchen isn’t going to be gluten-free.  We can’t make any claims officially to say that we are serving completely gluten-free, because of the potential for cross contamination. We will do our best to avoid cross-contamination and will try our best to ensure that any allergy is taken with utmost respect for food safety. 
  2. We aren’t serving gluten-free sandwiches. If you want to order a sando, we are offering the options for GF modification: where you can have the sandwich served on quinoa or as a salad. And this boils down to a philosophical rationale for me: we don’t want to serve anything that doesn’t meet the high quality standards we set for our food and I don’t want to up-charge for modifications due to dietary restrictions. So, instead of carrying gluten-free bread, we offer these tasty and satisfying GF options.

Long story short: I have no doubt saying that Three Carrots will be one of (if not) the most gluten-free friendly restaurants in Indianapolis. We are very cognizant to dietary restrictions and food allergies, and will always be willing to accommodate for individuals’ dietary concerns.


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