Day 1- Getting Involved

Umm…Wow. I figured that people would be excited about the prospect of a vegetarian restaurant in Indianapolis. I had no idea that people would be this excited. After I made the announcement yesterday, our Facebook page and my e-mails have exploded with interest and people wanting to be involved. So, first of all, thanks so much for your interest!

People are wondering what they can do to support 3 Carrots to help make certain that our dreams actually come to fruition. I know that not all of us have $400,000 lying around to help with opening and initial operating expenses. However, there are some small things you can do for cheap (and free!). I’ve listed them below by price:

Free- “Like” and share our facebook page. Tell your friends. Stay excited! It feels silly for me, being a grown man, working hard to get Facebook likes, but it matters. It is something we can show to potential investors to demonstrate that we have a substantial interest in what we’re doing.

$10-$200- As part of fundraising, we’re going to be offering gift cards for when the restaurant opens. However, since this is to raise funds, we are encouraging people to “double up” the price of a gift card as an initial investment. That means, essentially, that if you want to purchase a $10 gift card, we would encourage a $20 purchase. That helps give us seed money and then, after we open, you get $10 worth of free food. Email for more details.

$100-$500- Have a party or meet-up and let us cater it. One suggestion, I’d have is asking about $30 from each guest and we’d provide a three course meal including dessert. That is a steal! And, if you get 20 people to come over, we are able to raise $600. Email to set up an appointment.

Over $500- Email and we can talk in more detail.